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updated on: 28/02/06

[Sister Anestesia] [Dirty Little Secret] [Crash] [Carry on] [Release Me] [Sink] [No Self Control] [Its All Right] [She Keeps Telling me]

[Sands of Time] [Reckless] [Sister Ride] [Satellite] [You are the One] [When I Want It]

Flood Story

Flood was created when "Beer Lover" Andy met Art Powers and Frank in a pool bar, or that is what I remember.

They recorded Flood first album and then they splat or splitted ;)

Around 1997 "Wasted" Tripi met at Andy's working place and he asked: "What do you play? Can we do something?". And then called Paul Triff, at the drums, starting the second chapter of Flood saga!!!. They recorded a second album at Eve's studio, Andy called that work "Naked".

Tripi repeated the (Frank) story and left the band.... and the country in the late 1997!!!

However, Tripi came back to NY just "one year after" and Flood started all over again... In that year Andy recorded Flood 3rd album named "Version 3.0" with Phil Nacaratto and a Nyac drummer I do not remember his name (shame on Tripi!!!).

As i said before, Tripi joined flood for second time around 1998, Paul left the band and Art Powers joined the band again!!!!. They recorded its fourth album called "Volume 4". This was the first work done by ourselves.

Currently we are working on a fifth album recorded with "Tha MachinA" and produced here at TripiRecords (Tripi and Andy)

Will continue ...


Flood Album covers

Those are the Cd covers of Flood works

Flood 1st album Naked album Version 3.0 album Volume 4 album New Cd -unnammed-


updated on: 28/02/06